About us

JAB Telematics LTD is a private owned company duly registered in the Republic of Uganda with a wide experience in Informatics and Telematics.  We integrate hardware and software tools to provide tracking solutions for staff surveillance, vehicles, earth moving equipment, generators, UMEME monitoring and goods in transit for both individuals and organizations operating in Uganda and African Market.

Our tracking solutions cover motorcycles, cars, van, pickups, light trucks, heavy goods vehicle, earth moving equipment, agricultural tractors, generators, school children, corporate employees and lone workers.

With our tracking solutions, the companies and institutions efficiently and reliably monitor their resources with real time updates on location, asset activity and attain several detailed analytical reports from the system. JAB Telematics solutions enable companies assess their drivers’ behaviors when using the assets by keen monitoring of over speeding incidences and eco driving violations. Our tracking solutions enable our clients restrict operational areas for the assets and notifications are triggered for any violations of set company guidelines. Our solutions have helped many organizations optimize available resources and reduce avoidable operational costs arising from improper management of available resources. JAB Telematics solutions provide timely updates for on-going and due servicing activities for the assets.

We propose our tracking solutions to many entities in order to increase productivity, ensure profitability, eliminating human error, working capital reductions, saving time with automation, guarantee security of company resources while experiencing excellent customer service.

We source, integrate and customize cutting edge technology solutions from Africa, Europe, USA and Asia.

To ensure resource profitability for customers with the integration of innovative Informatics and Telematics based tracking solutions to mitigate avoidable operational costs.
To provide reliable and efficient tracking solutions to both Native Entities and African Market centric within Uganda geo-mapping.
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