Advanced Fuel monitoring

Fuel is the most abused resource in Uganda. People are making millions and millions of shillings out of siphoning and company owners are losing money through ridiculously high fuel expenses. Our Advanced Fuel Monitoring Solution can help company owners reduce fuel expenses by half.

Do you need to see real time fuel levels in each tank? | Do you wish to verify volume of fuel refilled upon refueling? | Do you need to be alerted with volume of fuel removed upon siphoning?  |Are you looking to analyze fuel usage and audit your fuel supplier?  |Are you looking to get a fully-fledged fleet management system?

Our Solutions

  • Track your vehicles from your smartphone
  • Monitor refueling, siphoning and consumption
  • Manage your own web account for your needs
  • Get email alerts when set company rules are broken
  • Get movement, fuel usage, eco driving and system analytical reports
  • Track road behavior using driver ID system
  • Creating of geo-fences or point of interests.
  • Log repairs, spares, service, insurance and run rout cause accident reports
  • Get reminders for service, insurance and permits
  • Use our free web tools for fleet management
  • Get free customer service and online support.