Our Tracking Solutions

Field Staff surveillance – Following up sales teams, technicians, security personnel, medical and other mobile personnel.

Driver management – Driver identification, monitoring driving behaviors of drivers, Accident route cause system Analytics, managing driving fatigue and monitoring overtime.

School children in transit – Tracking school buses, GPS watches for the kids, sms alerts for departure and arrival of children.

Fuel monitoring, I Mobile App & Website I Vehicles & Generators I Monitoring fuel consumption I UMEME power Monitoring I Monitoring of Fuel re-fillings and Siphoning I Analytical System Reports and Alerts

Points of interests for Delivery Trucks with geo-mapping – Tracking staff visits to company and client sites I Monitor Dispatch and arrival time, Cargo monitoring with electronic trackers, Axle load monitoring I Route management.

Temperature of cold storage Rooms-Cold chain monitoring

Live real time monitoring I GPS location and Trips History – Online visibility of the cars in transit, motorbikes, generators, forklifts I Playback feature

Workshop Management system for asset maintenance –  repairs and keeping track of maintenance records I Monitoring driver permits expiry I Keep track of spare parts inventory

Locate and immobilize – Halting unauthorized vehicle movements and recovery of stolen vehicles I Limit usage of vehicles to only designated personnel.

Additional accessories.


Weight monitoring through vehicle tracking systems to avoid breakdowns, optimize cargo loading and stop paying fines for exceeding maximum axle load.


A dashboard camera or simply dashcam, is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s front windscreen and sometimes rear and can automatically send pictures and video using 4G.


Our cargo tracking and sensing devices provide the visibility needed to optimize logistics performance. Our cost-effective trackers enable shippers and our Global Command & Control Centers to monitor cargo location and status virtually anywhere in the world, in real time.


A small tag reader is affixed to the dashboard and each driver is given their own magnetic key fob, which, when placed on the reader, registers the driver in that vehicle, and records all trip-specific data for an individual driver. Once the driver has logged in you will be able to see their name on the real-time vehicle tracking map and view a number of reports by driver as well as by vehicle. In the configuration menu you can edit driver details and also which team or driver group you want the driver to belong to.


This feature used by the operators in case there is a problem that needs immediate actions and client receives the notification on emails to provide necessary assistance to the operator or an asset.


This feature is useful to remind the driver to reduce on the over speeding incidents once the speeding violation is triggered. The noise is disturbing such that the driver is reminded to reduce breaking the set company speed limit.