Basic tracking

Car and motorcycle theft has reached alarming rates with up to four cars and over 15 motorbikes stolen daily in Kampala alone. In 2014, the Kenyan president’s official car was stolen in Nairobi and driven past all security up to Kampala where it was discovered about to be cannibalized. Bestowing upon car owners the power to see the exact location in real time is probably the most useful tool since the advent of GSM & GPS technology. Do not take chances, get your car tracked today.

Do you wish to monitor your car and motorbike from your smartphone?  Do you wish to log into your web account to play back trips? | Do you wish to get alerts via email & SMS when your rules are broken? | Do you wish to switch off your car engine in the event that it is stolen?

Our Solutions

  • Monitor your car from your smartphone
  • Log into your web account to play back trips
  • Get alerts via email when your rules are broken
  • Pay your monthly subscription via mobile money (optional)
  • Get free 24/7 customer service and online support.